PVC Horizontal Picket Fence FM-502 With 7/8″x3″ Picket For Garden

Short Description:

FM-502 is the same as FM-501, only two PVC profiles are used: 4”x4” post and 7/8”x3” picket. The difference is that FM-502 uses Aluminum U channel to connect posts and pickets together. For fence contractors, it is acceptable to customize fences of different heights and widths to meet the unique needs of different consumers and buildings.

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1 Set Fence Includes:

Note: All Units in mm. 25.4mm = 1"

Material Piece Section Length Thickness
Post 1 101.6 x 101.6 2200 3.8
Picket 15 22.2 x 152.4 1500 1.25
Connecter 2 30 x 46.2 1423 1.6
Post Cap 1 External Cap / /
Screw 30 / / /

Product Parameter

Product No. FM-502 Post to Post 1622 mm
Fence Type Slat Fence Net Weight 20.18 Kg/Set
Material PVC Volume 0.065 m³/Set
Above Ground 1473 mm Loading Qty 1046 Sets /40' Container
Under Ground 677 mm



101.6mm x 101.6mm
4"x4"x 0.15" Post


22.2mm x 76.2mm
7/8"x3" Picket

If you are interested in this style, please contact our sales staff for detailed information on Aluminum U channel.

Post Caps


4"x4" External Post Cap



For some home owners who want to customize the height and width of the fence, their requirements are often difficult for fence contractors to meet. Because in most cases, the stock profiles of fence contractors are fixed in size, especially the position of post routed holes is fixed. FM-502 can meet such requirements. Because its post and picket are connected together by screws and aluminum U channel instead of routed holes on the post. Fence contractors only need to cut the stock posts and pickets to the required length to meet the customized needs of different customers . FM-502 has a simple appearance and can be customized in size. Therefore, its versatility makes it very popular in the residential fence market.

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