FenceMaster PVC Picket Fence FM-412 With 7/8″ x6″ Picket For Garden

Short Description:

FM-412 is a picket fence consisting of a 7/8″x6″ board as a picket. The top of the picket is equipped with a dog ear cap. It has both the appearance of a picket fence and the function of semi privacy.

Product Detail

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1 Set Fence Includes:

Note: All Units in mm. 25.4mm = 1"

Material Piece Section Length Thickness
Post 1 101.6 x 101.6 1650 3.8
Top Rail 1 50.8  x 88.9 1866 2.8
Bottom Rail 1 50.8  x 88.9 1866 2.8
Picket 10 22.2 x 152.4 877 1.25
Post Cap 1 New England Cap / /
Picket Cap 10 Flat Cap / /

Product Parameter

Product No. FM-412 Post to Post 1900 mm
Fence Type Picket Fence Net Weight 14.36 Kg/Set
Material PVC Volume 0.064 m³/Set
Above Ground 1000 mm Loading Qty 1062 Sets /40' Container
Under Ground 600 mm



101.6mm x 101.6mm
4"x4"x 0.15" Post


50.8mm x 88.9mm
2"x3-1/2" Open Rail


50.8mm x 88.9mm
2"x3-1/2" Rib Rail


22.2mm x 152.4mm
7/8"x6" Picket

5”x5” with 0.15” thick post and 2”x6” bottom rail are optional for a luxury style.


127mm x 127mm
5"x5"x .15" Post


50.8mm x 152.4mm
2"x6" Rib Rail

Post Caps


External Cap


New England Cap


Gothic Cap

Picket Cap


7/8"x6" Dog Ear Picket Cap


aluminum stiffener1

Aluminum Post Stiffener


Aluminum Post Stiffener

aluminum stiffener3

Bottom Rail Stiffener (Optional)


In FenceMaster, can customers customize the fence according to the actual needs of the local market?

Sure. We very much welcome customers from the fence field all over the world to explore various possibilities with us, and customize the fence according to local actual conditions and needs to meet the ever-changing market.

Formula. The customization of the formula is for the field of horse fence. Horse fence sometimes requires extremely strong impact-resistant materials to support the collision of large animals.

Profiles. Especially for rails, its appearance and wall thickness will affect the appearance and quality of privacy fence.

Height and Width. Standard height and width are 6ft by 8ft. FenceMaster can also do other sizes, such as 6ft by 6ft, etc.

Spacing. For picket fence, spacing can affect the cost of the product.

Packing. Customers can choose to pack each material individually, or insert small profiles like pickets, top rails into large materials like posts to save sea freight and increase the loading quantity. Packaging materials and ways can also be customized. FenceMaster provides PE film, cartons to pack profiles, and can also put them on pallets for efficient unloading the container.

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