3 Rail FenceMaster PVC Vinyl Picket Fence FM-410 With 7/8″ x3″ Picket

Short Description:

Compared with FM-409, FM-410 uses a wider 7/8″x3″ picket. With this change, it can achieve a semi-private effect. After installing this fence, owners can realize a certain effect of privacy protection, but it is not complete privacy. The gaps between the pickets allow some light and wind to pass through, which will enhance the vitality of the courtyard.

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1 Set Fence Includes:

Note: All Units in mm. 25.4mm = 1"

Material Piece Section Length Thickness
Post 1 101.6 x 101.6 1650 3.8
Top & Bottom Rail 2 50.8  x 88.9 1866 2.8
Middle Rail 1 50.8  x 88.9 1866 2.8
Picket 12 22.2 x 76.2 851 2.0
Post Cap 1 New England Cap / /

Product Parameter

Product No. FM-410 Post to Post 1900 mm
Fence Type Picket Fence Net Weight 16.14 Kg/Set
Material PVC Volume 0.060 m³/Set
Above Ground 1000 mm Loading Qty 1133 Sets /40' Container
Under Ground 600 mm



101.6mm x 101.6mm
4"x4"x 0.15" Post


50.8mm x 88.9mm
2"x3-1/2" Open Rail


50.8mm x 88.9mm
2"x3-1/2" Rib Rail


22.2mm x 76.2mm
7/8"x3" Picket

5”x5” with 0.15” thick post and 2”x6” bottom rail are optional for a luxury style.


127mm x 127mm
5"x5"x .15" Post


50.8mm x 152.4mm
2"x6" Rib Rail

Post Caps


External Cap


New England Cap


Gothic Cap


aluminum stiffener1

Aluminum Post Stiffener


Aluminum Post Stiffener

aluminum stiffener3

Bottom Rail Stiffener (Optional)



When we live in a densely populated area, in order to protect personal privacy, when choosing a fence, we will choose a full privacy fence in many cases. Not only does it set boundaries and protect privacy, it also provides security. However, if we live in the suburbs, where people do not live so densely, or the distance between neighboring houses is relatively long, we may choose a semi privacy fence to make our living space more open, better ventilation. At this time, we strike a balance between the concealment provided by the fence and the transparency of the surrounding environment. This is a compromise consideration in choosing a fence, a source of inspiration for FenceMaster designers, and an art of balance in life.

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