What are the advantages of PVC fence?

PVC fences originated in the United States and are popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, Western Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. A type of security fence that is increasingly loved by people around the world, many call it vinyl fence. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, PVC fence is also more and more used and promoted, and then let it get more attention.

Here are some of its advantages.

The basic advantages of PVC fence:

First, in the later use, consumers do not need to take paint and other maintenance, it has a natural self-cleaning and flame retardant function. The characteristic of PVC material is that it can be maintained in a relatively new state for a long time, and maintenance free. This not only saves the cost of manpower and material resources for users, but also improves the beauty of the product itself.

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Second, the installation of PVC fence is very simple. Usually when you install a picket fence, there are special connectors to connect it. Not only can improve the installation efficiency, but also more solid and stable.

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Third, the new generation of PVC fence provides a variety of styles, specifications and colors. Whether it is used as the daily security protection of the house or the overall decoration style, it can set off a modern and simple aesthetic feeling.

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Fourth, the material of PVC fence is very environmentally friendly and safe, and there is no harmful component for human beings and animals. In addition, it will not like metal fence, cause a certain safety accident.

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Fifth, PVC fence even if it receives direct exposure to ultraviolet rays in the outdoors for a long time, there will still be no yellowing, fading, cracking and bubbling. High quality PVC fence can reach at least 20 years, no color, no discoloration.

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Sixth, the rail of PVC fence is equipped with a hard aluminum alloy insert as a strengthening support, not only to prevent the deformation of the rail, more with sufficient impact resistance performance, can better extend the service life of PVC fence, and improve the safety of PVC fence to a greater extent.

Nowadays, we can see PVC fences as part of landscaping in streets, homes, communities and farms in cities and villages around the world. It is believed that in the future, PVC fence will be selected by more and more consumers with the improvement of people’s living standards and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness. As the leader of PVC fence industry, FenceMaster will continue to strengthen product research and development, application and promotion, and provide high-quality PVC fence solutions for global customers.

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Post time: Nov-18-2022