PVC Horizontal Picket Fence FM-501 With 7/8″x6″ Picket For Garden

Short Description:

Among all the styles of FenceMaster PVC fence, the design of  FM-501 is the most concise. It only uses two profiles: 4″x4″ post and 7/8″x6″ picket. The position of the holes on the post is not static a straight line, but staggered at intervals. Its advantage is that the appearance is simple and elegant, and it has a sense of hierarchy visually. The installation is convenient and efficient. Lower cost than other PVC Vinyl privacy fences.

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1 Set Fence Includes:

Note: All Units in mm. 25.4mm = 1"

Material Piece Section Length Thickness
Post 1 101.6 x 101.6 2500 3.8
Picket 11 22.2 x 152.4 1750 1.25
Post Cap 1 External Cap / /

Product Parameter

Product No. FM-501 Post to Post 1784 mm
Fence Type Slat Fence Net Weight 19.42 Kg/Set
Material PVC Volume 0.091 m³/Set
Above Ground 1726 mm Loading Qty 747 Sets /40' Container
Under Ground 724 mm



101.6mm x 101.6mm
4"x4"x 0.15" Post


22.2mm x 152.4mm
7/8"x6" Picket

Post Caps


4"x4" External Post Cap


single gate

Single Gate

Today, the beauty of simplicity is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and can be seen everywhere. A fence with a simple design reflects the overall design style of the house and the lifestyle of the owner. Of all the Fencemaster fence styles, the FM-501 is the simplest. 4"x4" post with external cap and 7/8"x6" picket are all materials for this fence. The benefits of simplicity are obvious. Apart from the aesthetics, the second is the storage of materials, which doesn't even require rails. This also makes installation easy and efficient. In the process of use, if any material needs to be replaced, it is also simple and easy.

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