How to Choose the Best Vinyl Fence on the Market

Vinyl fencing is among the most popular choices for homeowners and business owners today, and it is durable, inexpensive, attractive, and easy to keep clean. If you’re planning to install a vinyl fence soon, we’ve put together some considerations to keep in mind.

Virgin Vinyl Fencing

Virgin vinyl fencing is the preferred material for your vinyl fencing project. Some companies will use a substandard material composed of co-extruded vinyl where only the outer wall is virgin vinyl, and the inner wall is made from recycled vinyl (regrind). Often the regrind material out there is not recycled fence material but vinyl window and door lineal, which is inferior grade material. Finally, recycled vinyl tends to grow mildew and mold quickly, which you don’t want.

Review the warranty

Review the warranty offered on the vinyl fence. Ask the essential questions before signing any paperwork. Is there a warranty? Can you get a quote in writing before any agreement is reached? Fly-by-night businesses and scams will pressure you to sign before a quote is offered, and without a warranty or permit information is reviewed many times. Be certain the company has insurance and is licensed and bonded.

Look at Size and Thickness Specifications

Discuss this with the company, inspect the fencing materials yourself and cost compare. You want a quality fence that will withstand high winds and weather and last for years to come.

Select your Design Style, Color, and Texture.

Many styles, colors, and textures are available to you. You will need to consider which will complement your home, go with the flow of your neighborhood, and comply with your HOA, if necessary.

Consider Fence Post Caps

Fence post caps are decorative and extend the life of your decking and fence for years to come. They come in several styles and colors from which to choose. FENCEMASTER’s standard fence caps are the pyramid flat caps; they also offer vinyl Gothic caps and New England caps,  for an additional price.

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Post time: Aug-10-2023