Fencemaster Pool Fences: We Put Safety First

In the U.S., 300 children under five years old drown yearly in backyard pools. We would all want to prevent these incidents. So the number one reason we implore homeowners to install pool fences is for safety of their families, as well as neighbors.

What makes pool fences safe?

Let’s look at a few qualifications.

The pool fence should completely enclose the pool or hot tub, and it creates a permanent and non-removable barrier between your family and the pool it protects.

The fence is non-climbable to small children. Its construction does not provide for any hand or foot holds that would enable climbing. It will keep any child from being able to pass through, under, or over it.

The fence meets or exceeds local codes and state recommendations. Pool safety codes dictate that pool fences must be 48” tall. However, some believe this means the actual height of the panel should be 48” in height, but we know differently. The installed, finished height of your pool safety fence should be 48”. Your Superior pool fence panel will exceed 48”, so the installed fence height will meet or exceed that code.

Don’t take a gamble with your family’s safety around a pool. Young children are curious and can wander off in mere moments. Choose FENCEMASTER to entrust your investment and well-being.

Fencemaster guarantees the safest, most effective pool fence design, fabrication, and installation for your home. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.


Post time: Aug-02-2023