Development of High End Foamed Cellular PVC fences

Fence as a necessary home gardening protection facilities, its development, should be closely related to the human science and technology step by step improvement.

Wooden fence is widely used, but the problems it brings are obvious. Damage the forest, damage the environment, at the same time, the use of wood made of fence, even if the anti-corrosion treatment, will with the passage of time, by nature bit by bit corrosion.

In the 1990s, with the maturity of PVC extrusion technology, as well as the excellent product performance of PVC itself, PVC profiles are widely used in the production of doors and Windows. When the wages of workers in some developed countries are getting higher and higher, the cost of maintenance and protection of wooden fence is getting higher and higher. It is natural that PVC fence has been widely accepted and welcomed by the market.

As a kind of PVC fence, cellular PVC fence has a strong anti-corrosion performance of PVC fence, and has the same easy processing performance as wood. At the same time, if the surface of the cellular profile is sanded, it can be painted in different colors to match the appearance of the building. However, if we understand the structure of cellular PVC, we can also easily find that the cost of making cellular PVC is very high because it is solid like wood. These characteristics determine the application scenario of cellular PVC, which should have its unique value in the high-end market of customized colors and styles.


FenceMaster, as the leader of foamed cellular PVC fence and profiles in China, has accumulated a lot of effective experience in this industry. Our first hollow cellular post molding technology, greatly improve the strength of the post and processing efficiency. For fence rails, we purchased hollow design, and with customized aluminum inserts as the stiffeners, the strength of the fence has been greatly improved. All FenceMaster foamed cellular PVC materials are finished with sanded polished finishes so that our clients, fence companies can paint any colors to match the exterior style of the building and they will look perfect for many years to come.


As the perfect combination of wooden fence and PVC fence, foamed PVC fence has its own unique value in the specific high-end scene. As the leader of Cellular PVC fences, FenceMaster will keep innovating and make better quality products for our customers around the world.


Post time: Nov-17-2022