Deck railing – Frequently Asked Questions

As suppliers of quality deck railing, we are often asked questions regarding our railing products,so below is a quick outline of the most frequently asked questions along with our answers. If you have any further questions regarding, design, install, price, manufacturing details please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Strong is PVC railing?

It is five times stronger and has four times the flexibility of wooden railing. It flexes under load making it strong enough. Our railing has 3 strands of high tension galvanized steel running through which maximizes its flexibility and strength.

Is it easy to install and can I install it myself?

All of our deck railing is easy to install and you can install it yourself without any fencing experience. A number of our customers have installed the fence themselves. We can provide you with full install instructions and offer any help with install queries needed over the phone. 

Can I install railing if the ground is not flat?

Yes we can advise you on all install problems. You can also install if the area is round instead of straight and we also have a number of corner options. We also have options if you cannot concrete into the ground i.e. use of metal base plates. We can also modify and manufacture to specific size requirements.

Will PVC railing withstand wind?

Our railings are designed to withstand normal wind loads.

Does PVC railing require maintenance?

Under normal circumstances a yearly wash will keep it looking like new. As expected the railing will become dirty when exposed to the elements and usually a hose down will keep it clean, for tougher dirt a mild detergent will do the job.


Post time: Nov-22-2023