8 Ways to Prepare for a Professional Fence Installation

Are you ready to install a gorgeous new fence around your home or commercial property?

Some quick reminders below will ensure you effectively plan, execute, and reach the end goal with minimal stress and obstacles.

Preparing for a new fence to be installed on your property:

1.  Confirm boundary lines

A professional fence company will assist if you don’t have the necessary information or need to locate your survey and will include costs in the quote.

2.  Acquire Permits

Your property survey will be needed to obtain the permit for a fence in most areas. Fees vary but typically range from $150-$400. A professional fence company will assist you and submit a fence plan along with your survey and fees.

3.  Choose Fencing Materials

Decide which type of fence is best for you: vinyl, Trex (composite), wood, aluminum, iron, chain link, etc. Consider any HOA regulations.

4.  Go Over the Contract

Choose a reputable fence company with excellent reviews and trained crews. Then get your quote.

5.  Inform Neighbors that Share a Boundary

Let your neighbors with a shared property line know of your installation at least a week before the project start date.

6.  Remove Obstacles from Fence Line

Get rid of large rocks, tree stumps, hanging branches, or weeds in the way. Move potted plants and cover them to protect any plants or other items of concern.

7.  Check Underground Utilities/ Irrigation

Locate water lines, sewer lines, electrical lines, and PVC pipes for sprinklers. If you aren’t sure, contact utility companies and request a report of your property. This will help to avoid busted pipes as fence crews dig post holes, and a professional fence company will assist you.

8.  Communicate

Be at your property, accessible for the beginning and end of the fence installation. The contractor will need your survey. All children and pets need to stay indoors. Be sure the fence crew has access to water and electricity. If you can’t be present for the duration, at least be certain they can access you by phone.

Check out the video with helpful tips from Fencemaster.

Post time: Jul-19-2023